Chef Rajeev Goyal

Chef Rajeev Goyal is a fine connoisseur and an excellent guide of the multifaceted and delightful Indian cuisine. He has done extensive research in Indian spices and indigenous Indian recipes over the years. During his own travels, he has visited more than hundred countries spread all over the major continents like  Africa, Europe, South America and North America. His personal experiences with the food served in most so-called Indian restaurants in these countries gave him the inspiration to showcase the real Indian food to an international audience in place of the sub-par imitations in vogue across the world. He first operated a fine dining restaurant in New Delhi and later co-founded the first specialised culinary tour company in India, India Food Tour.

This company specialises in various types of culinary travel activities in different parts of India. Some of the activities include food tours, cooking classes, tea tasting, wine tasting, farm trips, spice introduction classes and a few others in various cities across India including New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur and a few others.

His years of extensive experience in the culinary and travel fields, travel to multiple countries  and valuable experience of personally operating a fine dining restaurant makes him one of the best people to design and manage a culinary tour anywhere in the world.

With him, guests get a chance to taste, experience and appreciate the nuances of delicacies from a number of cuisines as they are actually meant to be. His work has featured in a number of publications, local as well as international including Hindustan Times, Times Of India, Her World, Navbharat Times and numerous travel websites and blogs.

His love for travel combined with his passion for food and cooking has won him many accolades.  Over the last few years, a large number of gourmet travellers from all over the world have experienced his hospitality and enjoyed the real Indian food experience. His passion for good food reflects favourably on all the culinary activities.

Food tours, cooking classes and other travel services (operated by India Food Tour) rank among the best culinary activities in India on Tripadvisor, Viator and Google. Food Tour In Delhi has been winning Tripadvisor’s Award For Excellence without a break since 2014.

In addition to individual travelers, there have been multiple corporate clients which required consultation and management services for events such as large catering for big events, sponsored trips and culinary institutions.

In all the culinary activities, the focus is to make the guests experience the best of everything. For example, in a cooking class, the guests are taught about old traditional as well as more convenient modern ways to prepare and experience ethnic food in its purest form. They get to know how to use various ingredients in most optimal way with minimum effort. As a lot of ingredients used in Indian cooking are not easily available everywhere in the world, his cooking classes teach the best ways to prepare Indian food dishes with least possible number of ingredients, but still maintain the original flavours.

There are multiple types of food tours in New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur which enable the participants to taste the best of Indian food from some of the oldest and most reputed food places in the city. These food walks are designed separately for the casual travelers as well as the serious foodies. For latter category, who want a more detailed and informative session, Food Walks With A Chef offer a insider’s perspective of Indian culinary culture with details about culinary history, recipes, cultural importance and other aspects of the food they taste during the food walk.

Due to his expertise in Indian food and travel as explained above, he is one of the best persons to guide manage a culinary journey of India for experienced travelers as well as complete newbies.

As a reference, you can check the list below which has names of some of the famous master chefs, including a few which operate Michelin star rated restaurants in various countries, who have been with him on different culinary activities to understand and learn about insights of Indian cooking.

He also an  consulting authority for some catering companies and culinary institutions.

Some of the famous celebrity chef’s catered

Padma lakshmi (USA) Celebrity chef, Author of Queen of spices.

Pascal Jahlay (Netherland),  2 Michelin star Chef

Marion Grasby. Masterchef (Australia) Celebrity chef,  Food entrepreneur – Marions kitchen

Sarita Sehjpal (Norway). Master chef, TV celebrity and food entrepreneur,   Restaurant owner – Mother India , Norway .

Graciala (Germany), Celebrity Chef,

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Jan Marrees (Netherland) 1 Michelin Star – Restaurant owner- Bratelli

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