Cooking classes with the Chef

Cooking classes are an incredibly rewarding and informative experience if done right. Having an experienced chef teach you the details of authentic local cooking details is an experience like no other. If you are the kind of food lover who wishes to have a detailed learning experience from a chef, then take these cooking classes with chefs are just for you.

Professional chefs and even for regular food lovers who wish to learn something new about cooking and expand their expertise.

Mostly vegetarian Indian food with option of meat dishes.

  • Half Day Cooking Class: INR 7500 for one ticket. INR 6500 per ticket for more than one.
  • Full Day Cooking Class: INR 12000 for one ticket. INR 10000 per ticket for more than one.

Free pickup and drop from central Delhi.

Learn to cook classic Indian Dishes, the right way!



Practical Indian Cooking Experience

Complete hands on cooking experience instead of just a demonstration.


Learn Cooking Techniques

Detailed information about cooking techniques; what, why and how of everything.


Understand Indian Spices

Guidance for proper usage of spices and how to identify ones with different qualities.


Don't stop cooking

Free samples of select spices and few other ingredients.


Work closely with the chef

Personalised cooking classes with reasonably customizable menu.