Chef Shikha Gupta

Coming from a family of chefs where her maternal grandparents and uncles are running a Satvik restaurant in Kolkata. A skill of chef has been passed on from generations and now has been inherited by Shikha. Being a foodie from childhood, she always had this special request of food running to her mother of one after another that what she wanted to have in next meal.

Having moved from Agra to Delhi for further studies, and then working as a sales and marketing manager in the advertising industry, she always used to miss the home food. In 2007 she started cooking and experimenting with spices. It has been more than a decade now that she is learning about the use of spices and doing the cooking. In 2015 her interest for food and cooking bought her to Join Food tour in Delhi where she is now finally following her passion for food and is trying to put forward amazing traditional Indian cuisines in front of the world. She quit her sales and marketing job and now is a full-time foodie.

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